Pocket Universe

by Don Blake

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released March 6, 2015

Released by Round Dog Records rounddogrecords.com

Engineered & Produced by Bob Cooper at Airtight Studios in January 2015.

All songs by Don Blake



all rights reserved


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Don Blake Manchester, UK

Joe, Rob, Kie and Nige make noisy pop.

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Track Name: Can't Turn It Off
I’m taking deep, deep breathes and releasing them slowly
Thinking about things that I don’t wanna know
Trying to let things go, trying not to explode
Half an hour at a time

I’m stretching in a hot room for £10 a go
Chinese needles are sorting out my energy flow
The doctor's thinking how to say, “I don’t know”
In a way they haven’t used yet

Can’t turn it off

Pretending certain names don’t make my blood fucking boil
When everything is so good, just how could it be spoiled?
Excuse me, I just drifted off and created a royal mess of my life

I don’t mind fucking up, I’m well practised at it
But I prefer when it’s something that I could have fixed
In a parallel or an alternate universe where I can be arsed
Track Name: Is It Fixed?
People said you’re OK but then people never listen,
I hope the doctors finished diagnosing your condition,
Don’t you know what I am here for?
Don’t you know that my door’s always open?

They might not be helpful but they’ve got the best intentions
maybe there’s some pressing problem you forgot to mention,
I don’t know your reasons but,
But the bad things you were feeling, they are over.

When the lights go out,
There’s a flame to guide you home,
But then that flame burned out,
And it left you on your own, you’re on your own.

I see you in my dreams but I don’t know what you are after,
Guilty feelings come and go and the years keep getting faster,
If that day took a different turn,
I like to think that we could have been closer.
Track Name: The Plan
I’m playing the long game
My schedule’s fluid but but I’m keeping the end in sight
What’s ever been worth doing that didn’t require a little sacrifice?

I know from the outside this all might appear a little strange
you’re only looking at the single pieces,
If I were you I’d say the same

This is all part of the plan
How can I help you understand?
I’m all right, yeah I’m always right
You’ll all see it in the end

Sorry I can’t explain
It’s just something I have to do on my own
The odd setback’s only natural
What’s another few nights alone?

Horizons in the distance now
Are edging closer all the time
But until the time is right
You’ve got your world and I’ve got mine
Track Name: King Of The World
I’m rewriting the rules of space and time
I’m delusional
Recreating my environment with my mind
I’m losing you
I’m vibrating the atoms in the air
What’s going on
I’m putting my defeats into into a permanent reverse

I am king of the world
Centre of the universe
A silver tongue and agile mind’s all I need
I’m here where I belong
All insecurities are gone
Along with everything I thought was me

Editing each moment as it comes along
I’m out of touch
Placing every piece just where it belongs
I can’t keep up
My own personal version of the past
I’m a mess
I’m galvanised, I’m facing forward, I’m never going back
Track Name: Things You Should Have Done and Should Have Said
I didn’t come here for second best,
You don’t wanna hear that my life’s a mess,
I don’t feel so brokenhearted,
With a routine I’ve not even started,

Don’t worry you live and learn,
Every penny saved is a penny earned,
I don’t think I’m going backwards,
Anymore than I was after...

Last time,
It was the worst time,
And I’ll keep it in mind,
Coz I know that this time, it’s ok

I used to think nothing changes,
I used to see red on a regular basis
Now I’m feeling less frustrated, less convinced the road I’m taking is
The wrong one at every turn, yeah maybe my visions blurred
Pretty sure I’m moving forward,
Any day now I’ll be over…

Last time,
It was the worst time,
And I’ll keep it in mind,
Coz I know that this time, this time it’s ok

All you wanna do is, right your wrongs and
All you wanna know is , things are ok
All you need to hear is, running round your head,
Along with all things you should have done and should have said.
Track Name: Towing Chain
I’m alright
I just got distracted
Wasn’t I supposed to be somewhere?
My head is full of a thousand ideas and a million or so blanks
Can you help me out?

I’m OK
I’m just in over my head
About six feet, to be precise
The world keeps turning every day but I think I’m going the opposite way
Can you help me out?

I need you to take a towing chain
And wrap it tightly around my feet
Get in your car
Put your foot to the floor
Until home’s just a spot in the distance
Track Name: Existential Horror
Try your utmost to say something heartfelt
Or don’t
‘cause who the hell cares?

Take the sum of your life’s experiences
Light them on fire and throw yourself on top

Ultimately we’re all just trivial pieces of dust
Floating around before the whole of infinity will tear itself apart
And no one will know we were here
Track Name: Every Day
We can talk,
Sit back, relax and do things your way,
if you want
We don't have to dwell on all the things you've done

You don't walk the walk
You're all just words and no action,
You don't,
Believe even a single thing that you say

This is what we have to deal with every day
This is what we're always hearing every day
if that's how it's got to be then that's ok
it just gets a little tiresome every day
Track Name: Any Better
I’m getting sleepy, I’m getting old,
I’m getting lonely and I’m getting cold,
I know we’re leaving, I know we’ll go
I’ve got a feeling I’ve been here before,
‘Cos I’m always on the lookout, for the breakups, for the breakdowns and I’ll blame me, cos I want to, and I’ll hate me cos I don’t know any better.
Track Name: Don't Know When
I don't want to re-live those insignificant words again
I just want to go home and try my best to forget all my friends
Who I've talked to in the past hundred weeks
Or make the retrospective mental tweaks
To ensure that I correctly adhered to each social convention

I'm travelling deep down
Into the safe embrace of constant night
Am I just melodramatic?
That's probably a bit much, yes you're right

But that feeling never really goes away
Where gravity takes a split second break
When my brain assesses the success of any conversation

If it gets easier, I don’t know when

I’m turning my brain off for the remainder of the night
My trusty mental auto-pilot will make sure I continue to function alright

But now I can’t find the proof to demonstrate
That the world won’t immediately disintegrate
The moment I’m compelled to venture outside through the front door

I'm making a “top five” list: “Favourite Worst Case Scenarios”
And there's nothing quite like guessing which way today will go
I'm trying to hammer into my mind:
“You can't do differently the things you did at the time”
So just relax and wait for the ground to implode
Track Name: Where Else Would I Want To Be?
Big Beast mangles the speakers of your shiny, blue 1-litre
We drive at the speed limit, like we’re never coming back
Let’s head straight down Manchester Road
And eat ice cream in the freezing cold
What else is there to do around here?

Where else would I want to be?

For every old acquaintance
I have a tactic of evasion
I’ve far surpassed my quota of “What have you been up to since school”s
I asked for fire to rain down from the sky
Just hold off for a short while
Because actually, everything is perfect
Track Name: Take The Hint and Just Go Home
We're going out on a joyride; going sixty thousand miles per hour
We'll just leave the wreckage behind; we'll do whatever we want while this time is ours
We don't mind, if we don't make it through
Then we're just the same as everyone else
It's not like there's much else to do

Tomorrow is just an abstract concept
And yesterday is even less tangible than that
What are we doing now?

We're just unwelcome house guests, who won't take the hint and just go home
But we've got nowhere else to be; our heads are no place to be left alone
We’re okay, with the thought of being lost
We’ll avoid the crippling boredom, whatever the cost

All we know
Is this that we haven’t got long
And if this is everything
Then that’ll do for now
Track Name: Ticking Boxes
Stayed up thinking half of the night,
To make up for not thinking for most of my life,
And maybe it’ll never go
And I know it’s overplayed

They say you don’t seem like the rest,
I don’t think that I’m really up to the test,
Ticking boxes seems a price too high to pay

Has this all been for nothing? The story that I told…

I’m too introspective,
I’m spending too much time on course correction,
I keep on slamming doors to my own destiny,
I’m running out there’s not much left of me now,
I’m not self respecting, and I’m trying not to make things worse,
the only question that remains is,
How do I stick this thing in reverse?

These are not symptoms of a common mental health disorder,
Don’t waste your time and maybe things will improve when your older

If you want me to stop complaining, the only question that remains is:
How do I stick this thing in reverse?
Track Name: We Can Try
I plug my ears and I avert my eyes
I try everything but nothing can disguise
The unmistakable acceleration into the centre of the sun

I don’t know how much of us will be left
when we arrive but if I had to guess
we’d be dust long before the flames get chance to lick our bones

Take my hand and we’ll do our best
To stay alive
The maelstrom carries on overhead
But I don’t mind

It feels like we could halt the march of time
Just for a while
Make our own pocket universe
Oh, we can try

The oceans boil as the Earth cracks in two
But for now we’ve got better things to do
Than stand around and wait for the end of everything

I force my eyes open again
How long for, I guess that just depends
But we’re going to take our chances just the same